Jun 10, 2009


Politicians I might consider voting for President:

Chiz Escudero

I hate him. However, I might vote for him because of two reasons. First is that we have more things in common than one may think; we talk a lot, our faces are testaments that at some points in our lives we battled acne, and we both have manboobs! It would be easy for him to hide his manboobs but he never fails to wear shirts one size smaller than what he is supposed to be wearing. I believe that Mr. Escudero is an advocate of manboobs and for that reason alone he should lead this country.

Another reason why I might vote for him is that I think he talks excessively and it will be a treat for me to see him shut up once he's voted as president and gets blamed for everything. It will be nice to see him being perceived as the bad guy for a change.

Ping Lacson

I heard the news. I know he said he's not going to run but then Gloria made the same announcement years before the last presidential elections.

It's interesting how Mr. Lacson allegedly gets people killed and yet he hits me as someone quite effeminate. I think he'd be a cool president.

Loren Legarda

She's pretty. I'll vote for her.

That gwapo cabinet guy with the hot wife and a tv ad

I'll know his name soon.

Manny Villar

I like Manny Villar. Maybe it's his orange shirt that made me like him. How can one possibly not like orange? It is very reminisent of citrus things and carrots. Or maybe it's his seemingly botoxed face. I don't know. One thing I'm sure of is it's not his "Sipag at Tiyaga" campaign that amused me 'cause if anything it makes me sick.

Bayani Fernando

I love how he's so desperate and pathetic. I also like what he and his wife did to Marikina. I'm not sure if he could do the same to the entire Philippines though.

I'd vote for him if he can promise I won't be seeing his face in every single street corner of every single island of the Philippines.

Politicians who will never receive my vote:

Joseph Estrada

Can he even run again? Some five years ago, when I was a freshman college student for the first time, I remember my Constitution professor telling us that Mr. Estrada can no longer run for president. I don't remember my professor's name now but I trust his judgment better than Erap's.

And, oh. He's convicted for plunder. Why is it so easy for us to forget that?

Noli De Castro


Brother Eddie Villanueva

No. He is already in the best possible position for him to serve.

Father Ed Panlillo

God no.

Jejomar Binay

How could you possibly suck as a Mayor of Makati with all the big bucks coming in from all the huge companies? He can't fool me into believing that the rest of the Philippines would have the same benifits of the people of Makati once he become president.

Mar Roxas

I'm not a fan of pedicabs. I don't like Korina Sanchez. On top of that their wedding announcement on Wowowee made Kris Aquino cry because she felt betrayed. I don't think I can vote for anyone who made the most genuine Filipino celebrity cry. hehe.

I think the "Con-aswang" speech with the bawang props is funny though.


After reading what I just wrote,maybe the Philippines would be better off without me casting my vote. I'm not a registered voter anyway.