Sep 25, 2007

You know someone is bored when..

He's answering a fucking survey.


1. Your ‘ex’ and You = are malabo.
2. I am listening to = christmas carols, I'm in a comp shop.
3. Maybe I should = do something more worth while in my spare time.
4. I love = myself most of the time.
5. My best friend(s)= i miss.
6. I don’t understand = myself most of the time.
7. I have lost my respect for = tv.
8. I last ate = chocolate.
9. The meaning of my display name is = i don't know what a display name is.
10. God = is my lord and savior.
11. Someday = everything will make sense.
12. I will always be = grateful.
13. Love seems to = come unexpectedly.
14. I never ever want to lose = weight. Well, i want to, but that's the first thing that i thought so, whatever.
15. My myspace is = nonexistent.
17. I get annoyed when = people wear those huge headphones in public.
18. Parties = could be fun.
20. Simple Kisses = are sweet.
21. Today = I was late for school again.
22. I wish = we could talk soon.

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Anonymous said...

hmm.. feel ko ring sagutin to. pede kaya?