Sep 4, 2008

Para kay Tito Manny

We are having our exams this week here at sunny SPUP and I'm loving it. Exam for me means less time in school and more time for trivial things like.. like this. Of course I also spend some time for reviewing and reading my photocopied notes, usually around 30 minutes before the exam. Five years of college and I still have the study habit of a 3rd grader with ADD. I guess some people really never learn.

You know who else never learns? Tito Manny. MANNY PACQUIAO, UTANG NA LOOB, STICK TO BOXING! Don't waste your money in politics again. Instead of using your money for the 2010 elections, give it to me instead. I know exactly where to spend it. I'll buy my own school that will give SPUP a run for their money. First agenda, give myself that elusive college diploma in an instant. Booya!

I'll name my school Abad School of Sciences or ASS. We will be called Bad Asses! Sweet. I have another idea, how about Abad University of Technology? AUT? That would be cool right? The students would be called pa-AUT. You have to be Ibanag or good in using context clues to get that one. I'll just figure everything out once Tito Manny decides to give me the money. I hope he's reading this.


badoodles said...

demmet, hindi pa ako nakakarekober kakatawa dun sa post mo tungkol sa pangalan mo na last year mo pa nipost meron ka na namang pakulo sa school na ipapatayo mo. mga pa-AUT? hahaha!

biyahengpinoy said...

paano ako magpapaburger eh nominated ka rin sa philippine blog awards. punta ka ba dito for the awards ceremony? check mo ang link below:

Abad said...

wow badoodles, salamat sa pagdaan! Daan ka minsan pag naipatayo na ang AUT.

Anonymous said...


namiss kong magbasa ng makukulit mong post.. antagal mong nawala!!!

astig ka talaga.. dalawa lang ang comment sa post mo na to, pero si badoodles pa talaga ang isa..


caryn said...

hehehe. ok yang mga pangalan ng school na naisip mo ah! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nice read! Keep it up! :)..